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Our Core

Beyondbeing is the heartwork of René and Jerry’s shared vision in assisting as many people as possible in realising their full presence and purpose in the world. They do this by hosting workshops at any space that leans into their vision.

Each person is invited daily to live a self-inspired life and the only reason we don’t recognise it, is because we have a lopsided perception of the situation and our communication with self and others is ineffective. It's our mission to journey alongside as many people as we can to restore balance and see the divine order of their lives.


Jerry Sam


Jerry’s mission is to help people realize their full potential by turning perceptions of what people consider weaknesses into fuel to ultimately empower and enrich their lives. Through his background as a Masters in Biomedical Engineering he endeavors to find optimal and efficient systems to maximize human performance.

He has pursued his journey in personal development more than 7 years, specializing in human behavior psychology, is trained as a Demartini Facilitator and has completed his Advanced Coaching Practitioner Programme through SACAP.

Jerry is not one to express his achievements with words, rather by the measurable outcomes demonstrated by the various breakthroughs and testimonials of his clients.

"No amount of self-improvement makes up for a 

lack of self-acceptance."

Our Focus

By working through our consultation process, you are able to overcome your challenges and effectively manage the behavioural patterns that hold you back in making a significant impact on your magnificent life.




Mastering your spiritual practice gives you the power to fulfil your greatest potential in life and express your authentic self.


Your health is the key to vitality and longevity, pay attention to it!


Mastering your financial sphere, creates an opportunity to build wealth beyond your lifetime.


Creating a business you love opens a vast vocational opportunity for you to live your mission without feeling enslaved.


Mastering your relational space gives you the foundation to build a thriving integrative family.


Compound learning gives you the wisdom to develop sustainable self-discipline and inner strength.


Developing emotional intelligence increases your ability to engage with others and maximize social influence.

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